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Solidcore Application Control For Dummies?

Does anyone know of a guide to Application control for dummies. Having worked with Solidcore 6.1.1 for a few weeks now, i am still struggling with the basics. For instance, our users are needing to use a certain program, and i have added this program as a trusted program in about every spot i can find, added the SHA checksum information and done just about everything i can to get this application approved and it still gets blocked from running on the endpoints.

Is there a guide for dummies or something similar that is written so it is easy to understand how to do basic tasks, such as whitelisting a program?

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Re: Solidcore Application Control For Dummies?


This might be because the ePO policy with the changed updater list may not have applied on the endpoints yet. The product guide explains this well. It can be downloaded along with the product package from the download site.

If you still see issues, please file an issue with Mcafee support and they will help you out.



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Re: Solidcore Application Control For Dummies?

When I need run a program without restrictions of App Control I run a Server Task for Scan and Add programs in a specific path or directory, after this I insert the SHA checksum value of main exe or dll of the application on Binary Tab.


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Re: Solidcore Application Control For Dummies?

Put it in oberservation mode and see what comes back.

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Re: Solidcore Application Control For Dummies?

I would follow neelima's and bzielin's advice.  The Product Guide ( have detailed steps on how to enable Observation mode after you have verified policies are being properly applied.  The 'Create Whitelist' and 'Run diagnostics' sections might be helpful here as well.

Like neelima said, If you are still having issues, open a support case and they should be able to help you.

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