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Solidcore 6.1.2 deploying slowly in Observe Mode


I'm testing Application Control 6.1.2 in a trial and have run into what I am thinking is actually an ePO limitation that hasn't been a proble for me in the past.

I have a small maintenance window (30-60 minutes) in which I must install App Control.

If I drop a computer into a part of the System Tree that has a task to deploy app control and to put it into observe mode, and then wake up the agent, it will only install Solidcore.  It does not receive the Solidcore Enable task until the next time the agent checks in.

If I understand correctly, If I collect and send props, then ePO knows the product is installed and only then does it add the enable task to the scheduler on the client.

This takes too long if I do not manually intervene, but some of these systems cannot be logged into interactively and I'd like the agent to do the work on its own.

Has anyone else run into this?  Unsure if this is more of an ePO question in's like I need a workflow but I'm not aware that such a thing exists.

Thanks all

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