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Software deployment is blocked // Solidcore 6.0

Hi  Team 

Need  help  for  solidcore  6.0  blockind  software  deployment  application,  its  rate  as  unclissified  product  and  have  write  denied  events.  Need  help  how  to  allow  this  application.

I have  clicked  in  suggestion  from  the  below scree shot  and  added  the  file in  updater  , then  added  it  in  existing  rules , but  still  have  the  application  blocked . Please  provided  step  by  step  how  to  unblock this  application.  Please  also  provide  a  process  how  to  change file  from  unclassified  to  trust .

Thanks  in  advance

write denied 3.png

write denied 2.png

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Re: Software deployment is blocked // Solidcore 6.0

Try adding that file and any other add-on or depencies files to the white list option, the white-list option is available in your screen-shot.

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Re: Software deployment is blocked // Solidcore 6.0


The events show that there is a need to create the software deployment application as an updater as nilsPsrv.exe is trying to updated whiltelisted scripts.

So you have followed the right steps in adding this to the Policy.

After adding it Policy, you need to ensure that the Policy has been applied on the endpoint. One way to verify is, by waking up agents and then run "sadmin xray" command from ePO to check if 'nilsPsrv.exe' is running as an updater.


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Re: Software deployment is blocked // Solidcore 6.0

Hi  Neelima,

Thanks  for  your  feedback.  I am  new  from  this  product ,  I  am  trying  to  add  the deployment  software  to  whitelist  but  solidcore  keep blocking  it.

Could  you  please  provide  me  if  there  is  a  KB how  to  create  or  add  whitelist  application  as an  updater? or  write  down  the correct   process  please

When added the process to the updater the approve button still greydown.




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