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Setting Password in Solidcore


To protect the solidcore configuration, one can set the password. Once the password is set, Solidcore generates a file "passwd" inside the folder "C:\Program Files\Solidcore\S3". The file has encrypted password.

I copied the passwd file to a different folder, disabled the protection and deleted the passwd file which is inside the folder "C:\Program Files\Solidcore\S3". On enabling the protection, I see the the solidcore configuration is not password protected anymore.

I again disabled the protection, added the copied passwd file back into the folder "C:\Program Files\Solidcore\S3" and enabled the protection again. Now I see that solidcore configuration is password protected.

Is this the way the password should be handled on Solidcore ? This allows users to export/import passwd file to other solidcore systems.

Can we configure the password for solidcore like the way I have explained above during solidcore installation ? ( This allow us to protect the configuration without typing the password manually)



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Re: Setting Password in Solidcore

Hi Sagar,

When Solidcore product is deployed and enabled, the password file is protected from tampering by Solidcore product. Only an IT admin who manages the Solidcore product can disable the protection.

For end-points managed by ePO, the password is governed by the policy at ePO.

For standalone deployments, it is recommended to set the password to ensure non IT-admin users are not able to tamper with the system/product.

In your case, since you disabled the protection, we assume that either you installed the product and didnt set the password or knew the password. This is a valid IT-admin use-case to temporarily disable protection for troubleshooting any system/product issue.

Based on above comments, i hope it is clear that the Solidcore protects the password file and end-users cannot manipulate the system.

If you have any further questions, please post here or open a Service Request.

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