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Ok so I just was given the project to start enforcing Application Control in our environment. Months ago it was deployed to the entire company and put in observer mode and just let to sit. So now some of my test clients are showing deny observations for things like office, acrobat etc. Is it possible to complete resolidify a system without uninstalling and reinstalling the program (trying to avoid reboots)? I tried running the task for an initial whitelist and it runs very quickly on the client and seems to have no effect. On my clients where I have recently installed the client everything seems to be working as expected. Thanks.

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Re: Re-solidification?


I had the same problem a few months ago, but that wasn't happen in all cases. For some cases the task to run again the initial whitelisting resolidify all the system. Run commends -> sadmin so and then the system will resolidify all the system, but for some other cases we need to reinstall the application from the scrach.

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Re: Re-solidification?


What version of Application control you are running?

If you are running Application control 6.1.2 or later try to unsolidify the complete volume (Exampe - C:\) and solidify again and check if  your issue is fixed.

You can run the above as a client task so that you don't need to go and do it on individual systems.

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