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Observation mode is blocking

Hello, all! 

I recently stood up a 5.9.1 to replace an aging 5.3. With that being said, I have thousands of end users. Out of the thousands of users, I have roughly 20 machines that are not able to open Google Chrome 71.x while in observation mode. Update mode also blocks Chrome from opening. When I put Solidcore into disabled mode, as predicted, Chrome will be allowed to execute. 

The application is marked known trusted. The logs are not showing anything was blocked from executing. The only thing I see related to Chrome, is when the process is created. 


Any ideas?

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McAfee Employee gnautiya
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Re: Observation mode is blocking

Do not disable th product to run Chrome.

Try keeping memory protection feature disabled and then try running chrome.

Also you can add bypass rule for mp for chrome.exe


"sadmin attr add -c  chrome.exe"

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