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McAfee Change Control deployment/installation on endpoints not using ePO


I am tasked with depolying MCC 6 for Windows to approximately 200  Windows 2008 R2 servers, however the MCC 6 software must be deployed via a script when the server is is a fully automated build environment.

I have tried to run,  locally on the Windows server, logged in as a local admin, in a cmd box

setup-win-7-2008r2-amd64- /S /v/qn

which should run the .exe in silent and quiet mode...however after initially displaying the McAfee Solidcore install wizard as application running in Windows task manager it stops running and disappears from the Task manager

When run with out any switches from the cmd line the installer GUI asks to either enter a license or place a tick in a box to skip this can I fulfill this requirement from using switches?

If this is not possible,,,,is there another way of deploying MCC 6 for WIndows via the command line/script path?


PS..I also have this to do for RHEL..but that's for a later date:-)

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Re: McAfee Change Control deployment/installation on endpoints not using ePO

I got it working silently with XP using the following:

setup-win-xp-x86- /s /q /v" /qn UNLICVER=1 SHORTCUT=0 /l+*v \"c:\epo\logs\S3Setup601.log\""

But in my application EPO was taking over the management afterwards, so you will need to insert teh licence key in the parameters somehow.

EDIT: You could also add the licence afterwards with an sadmin command on the command line.



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