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McAfee Application Control 7.0 Performance

We recently deployed Mcafee Application Control 7.0 to many servers and observed the solidifier service could use around 180MB memory on Windows 2012 server and 70MB on 2008 R2 servers.

its been recording events such as 'process_created' and others very often in the solidcore log.

I have tried using filtering policy to filter the observation and events for certain process but doesnt work. I restarted the service, then it goes down to arond 5mb and slowly builds up to 150mb.

I also tried move endpoints to different modes but still the same. wondering whether the performance is slightly better in terms of memory and cpu. is there a way to tune it. In the product guide it states that solidcore only uses less than 10MB memory, i dont expect it but 180mb seems bit too high.