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IIS Web.Config Issue

I am using IIS to host a web application. The web application is crashing when SolidCore is enabled.

I found that renaming the Web.config file to Web.Config.XML is fixing the issue and the web application runs fine.

I do not see any errors in the SolidCore logs for Web.Config file.  I thought config files are data files and SolidCore do not block data files by default.

Could anyone help me in identifying the issue and provide a solution ?

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Re: IIS Web.Config Issue

Hi Sec Geek,

Having the same issue, let us know if you have any luck with support.



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Re: IIS Web.Config Issue


Please file a support case and supply me with the number.


Re: IIS Web.Config Issue

I have mailed to McAfee service contact person.

I will update when I get an answer.

McAfee Employee vyasra
McAfee Employee
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Re: IIS Web.Config Issue

This issue is already fixed with 6.2.0-476, for more details refer to the release notes

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