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How do I move the SQL database for Solidcore

The SQL database for our Application Control (Solidcore) has gotten quite large, about 92 GB. We need to reduce the size, or move this to a different SQL server with more capacity.

So, how do you move the SQL database for Solidcore? Are thre procedures for purging old data from the DB, or are there good instructions for reducing what is written to the DB?


Robert Henderson

Harris Corporation

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Re: How do I move the SQL database for Solidcore

Removing old events alerts can be acheived by using Solidcore: Purge Events Server task:

The Solidcore 5.1.0 release comes with big improvisation for this task. Before this release, the ‘Solidcore: Purge Events’ task was meant for pruning off Event records older than a specified time-period. However, now this functionality has been extended
- to cover four different features: Events, Alerts, , Inventory, Client Task Log (hence, the task has been renamed from ‘Solidcore: Purge Events’ to ‘Solidcore: Purge’) and
- to have an additional approach for pruning off unwanted data records.

NOTE: In case of upgrade to 5.1.0 from previous releases, the old ‘Solidcore: Purge Event’ server task will get upgraded to new ‘Solidcore: Purge’ server task automatically. The upgraded ‘Solidcore: Purge’ task definitions will have the feature selected as Events and criteria selected as ‘Purge records older than’.

The available two approaches to purge feature record entries are briefed as follows:

1) Purge records older than - Select this option to purge the selected feature record entries older than the specified age. This option is NOT applicable for features that do not have ageing criteria (e.g., Inventory records).

2) Purge by query – Select this option to purge the selected feature record entries meeting the specified query criteria.

NOTE: The ‘Purge by query’ option is only applicable to Solidcore features that support queries in ePO. The queries displayed in Purge by Query list for a particular feature will be only those queries which have their Display Result type as Table.

To use the option ‘Purge by Query’, a query specifying the purge criteria should be first populated from Reporting | Queries. Once the query is created, it would be available under ‘Solidcore: Purge’ server task configuration. In the server task configuration, select the feature for which query had been formed earlier and choose purge approach as ‘Purge by query’. Now, when you click on the drop-down list besides ‘Purge by query’, it will show all the earlier populated queries for the selected feature. Select the desired query and proceed to next step to complete the task configuration.

To move database to the other SQL Server database please get help from your database administrator or please post a query with ePO team to get help moving database to other database.


Rakesh Vyas

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