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Help with USB?

Hey everyone,
I hope I am posting this correctly.

When I run the McAfee Solidifier Command Line and plug in a USB stick, windows recognizes it and since it is not solidified, I cannot run any programs from the stick.

If I try to solidify the whole drive (sadmin solidify E:\) or even just a program from the stick I get the following message :

The path "E:\" is on an unsopported volume.

Any suggestions on how to solidify a USB stick?

Thanks for the help

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Re: Help with USB?

USB drives or any external media like CD rom or floppy disk are not solidified. Solidcore will not allow the execution of supported files from external media until the volume is configured as trusted to solidcore. for eg. sadmin trusted -i a:\ will allow execution on supported files from the floppy disk represented as a:\

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