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I plan on deploying SolidCore for  workstations in a work group environment (stand alone DVD). I am using MDT2010 and incorporating SolidCore installed on the OS, then captuing the image.

Is sysprep allowed to run with Solid Core enabled?

So before we are captuing the image I am trying to determine how to create the "white-list" of approved applications to be installed at a later date.

There are a few issues that we are running into with SolidCore.

1. Creating a pre-determined list of approved applications

     - So I use the "sadmin auth -a -c "checksum value of the applications""

          If I add the -u will this application install and be allowed as an updater?

     - Second option was to build the "white-list" using the command above and then use the export file to later on script to import the file

           - I found the file which is not properly documented which is located in the c:\windows\system32\filename

     When I imported the file with the "white-list" that I mentioned above, none of the applications were listed via the "sadmin auth -l"

          - is there a way to edit the import file to create a "white-list of applications since there is "AlwaysAuthList = " section.

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