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Error installing solidcore agent on windows clients

I have an ePO 4.5 server (patch 5) and have installed Solidcore 5.1.0 extensions on it and added the Solidcore Agent Deployment package.

I have a windows client on which I have successfully installed the McAfee agent.

I have created a task for installing the solidcore agent on a windows client and a task for enabling the agent on the client.

When I install the solidcore agent on  the windows client from the ePO server, the McAfee Agent monitor on the client shows that the install Task has run successfully, however, I do not see any solidcore files/folders on the windows client. I also do not see the solidcore properties installed on the windows system when I query it from the ePO server. When I examine the event log on the windows client I see the error -

Source:  MsInstaller

Product: McAfee Solidifier -- Configuration failed

can you suggest any way I can troubleshoot this to identify the cause of the installation failure ?

Thanks in advance


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Re: Error installing solidcore agent on windows clients

Not sure if this will help, but it looks like ePO's part in this process is done (and successfully too).

ePO will only be acting as conduit for the install - it will connect, copy over and launch the MSI install package - then the rest is up to Solidcore.

Since the installer sounds like it actually started the issue is not on the ePO-side.

With that in mind you may be better asking Solidcore experts why the install failed (that will be a different forum i'm afraid), but i'd start by looking at the Solidcore MSI installation log for errors.



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