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Corrupted Whitelists

We are running Solidcore We have been having recurring issues with random clients whitelist getting corrupted which causes the computer to go into a bluescreen loop. The only way to recover is to boot into safe mode and disable through the registry. I found the article explaining how to fix where you clean the drive and resolidify. What I need to determine now is why its happening. Anybody else experienced this or have any ideas as to what could randomly causes this? It has happened across old and new machines, desktops and laptops etc. Thanks.

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Re: Corrupted Whitelists

Hi dnhorner,

Do you have issues with Windows 7 or Windows 8 systems?

What specific error you see when the system reboot during bluescreen?

Most of the bluescreen issues has been fixed in MAC and also in, try upgrading your client version.


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