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Computers hang when Application control is installed


   I had a weird experienced with McAfee Application control version 6.1.0 Minor version 662. The computer was very sluggish and applications are not functioning. Some applications like outlook, excel etc are not clickable. First I thought that the Application control is just scanning the computer for executables because I ran an SC: Enable with Observed Mode with No memory protection. There are products that are installed together with AC. Below are the products installed.

McAfee VSE 8.8.0 Minor version with Hotfix 805560

McAfee SiteAdvisor 3.5.0 minor version     724

McAfee DLP 9.3.0 minor version 637

McAfee Agent 4.8.0 Minor version 641

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Re: Computers hang when Application control is installed

Hi, for me,  when I enable application control on windows XP, the systems restart and hang.  So the users cannot logon.

Do you have some ideas?

Thank you in advance!

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Re: Computers hang when Application control is installed

Any idea?

I have the same Issue....


SC App Ctrl

VSE 8.8 P 2

Agent 4.8

Some users can't logon into their Windows Session since DLP update from 9.2 to 9.3 P2 ( only show "windows is starting" and never show the logon fields)

I'm really concerned with this and really angry with McAfee, how it's possible this situation with their customers.

Also, I'm in trouble for this, thanks McAfee

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Re: Computers hang when Application control is installed

Hello allegiance,

First of all the only scanning application control does is on its initial startup when it scans the entore system and creates an inventory of all relevant system files and applications. I would advise you deploy Solidcore in Observation Mode and then review the Observation Events generated within ePO. With these you can create rules whitelisitng known safe applications/executables. Have you done this? It is likely MAC is blocking necessary OS files and that's why you are experiencing this.



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