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Chrome Crash Aw,Snap Issue

this issues started when i started to Deploy McAfee App Ctrl ->solidified System->enabled.after this task chrome started crashing in following mode(Enable,Observe,Update) but in disable mode the issue got solved. so i have found that memory protection caused the issue.So i tried adding "google" rule in my rule via Solidcore rules. but it didnt help..So i am confused what to do?please help me ?

Kindly check the attachment

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Re: Chrome Crash Aw,Snap Issue

Dear dheeraj.pillai,

If you install App Control manual. You can run 2 command:

Sadmin features disable mp.

Sadmin features disable mp-vasr.

If you manage app control by ePO. You create 2 task with solicore Run command:

features disable mp.

features disable mp-vasr.