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Change Control on AIX 7.1 64bits


I deployed Change Control v6 for AIX7.1 with McAfee Agent 4.8 managed by ePO5.0, the agent appears with normal status in ePO GUI, and my change control policy is pushed correctely, but the events occured in the AIX systems doesn't show the alerts on the ePO Server.

the SADMIN is in lockdown stat, and no firewall between agent and aix server.

i tried for a windows server and it works fine.

Thank you for your help, it is a urgent issue so I'm in the proof of concept with my client.


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Re: Change Control on AIX 7.1 64bits

Is there any update on this issue?

I need the change control client package for AIX deployment

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Re: Change Control on AIX 7.1 64bits


If the issue is not resolved yet, please file a case with support.

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