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Application Control fail close


Does the McAfee Application Control product have a "fail close" feature to be used for preventing unrestricted code execution when failure conditions in McAfee Application Control are detected?

In practical terms, which are the protections/options provided by McAfee to prevent code execution when McAfee Application Control stop working (e.g. due to an internal error or as consequence of an attack)?

If such ”fail close” feature does not exist in Application Control, Is there any other McAfee product which provide code execution protection in the scenario described here, e.g. by real time monitoring Application Control and intervene if needed (i.e. App Control failure)?

Thanks in advance for your replies,


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McAfee Employee BEllis
McAfee Employee
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Re: Application Control fail close

Unfortunantly there is no fail close if our service is failed. As our service is what is making sure is blocked. You could run ENS  to block certain exploits (example Memory protection is better with ENS) and is usually disabled for solidcore if you have both on the machine.

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