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Application Control 6.2 with Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Personal vDisk (PvD)

We are currently experiencing interoperability issues between McAfee Application Control (Solidcore) 6.2 with Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 when using Personal vDisks (PvD).

When using Pooled Desktops we can Enable MAC, capture the Gold Image and stream it via PVS without issues.

However, when we try using Personal Desktops (PvD) we encounter the following problems:

  1. The PvD Inventory Wizard is not able to inventory the Solidcore scinv file.
  2. In order to inventory the Gold Image we had to exclude scinv from the PvD Inventory Wizard. Once the Inventory completes successfully the vDisk is promoted. The PvD target devices boot as expected and prepare their PvD. The target devices then restart and during the Windows 7 splash screen a BSOD occurs (error SESSION3_INITIALIZATION_FAILED STOP: 0x00000006F)
  3. The only work-around we currently have is to run MAC in Observe mode which allows the Personal Desktops to boot but does not provide the required application control functionality.

Has anyone had any experience with MAC and XenDesktop PvD together?

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