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Unable to uninstall Anti-Theft

I'm having the same issue as everyone else when it comes to removing Anti-Theft. I received new laptop few weeks ago and it came pre-installed. I did not register for anything and do not have any logins or passwords for it.

I was able to remove McAfee Anti-Virus software, but not the Anti-Theft.

Please help!

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Re: Unable to uninstall Anti-Theft

Until someone with knowledge comes along here, have you tried the official Anti-Theft support line?

See this page: Intel® Anti-Theft Service Provided by McAfee

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Re: Unable to uninstall Anti-Theft

Hi ynuk75,

Did you call Tech Support and was your issue resolved??

If not Revert back here so that I can assist further...!

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Re: Unable to uninstall Anti-Theft

Marking this as 'Assumed Answered'/Locking it. Due to no further correspondence.

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