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Sony Vaio SVS131B11M Anti Theft Locked

Hy I bought this laptop 2012.08.15 and I do not remember at all that I've activated the Anti Theft or not (Possibly Not) but for some reason the laptop locked Me out.
I can send a copy of my receipt If anyone requires it. I know the Anti theft is not working anymore at all. But I don't really want to see 1017 euros to end up in the bin...
The Recovery Id is the following: WSJET4355WBGEOAGWF6ENYCDI
Platform ID: 000038DA

I Know that I have a very small chance to get a solution but I'll be very pleased if anyone could help!

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Re: Sony Vaio SVS131B11M Anti Theft Locked

Unfortunately, please refer to the following thread.

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