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Explorer Error

Whenever I boot up the following error pops up after installing anti-theft...

Internet Explorer

Object doesn't support this action Line:19

Any idea how to fix it?

When I uninstall anti-theft the error goes away. When I reinstalled it, the error came back.
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RE: Explorer Error

Try some of these steps
# Click Start, Run, type SYSADM.CPL, then press Enter.
# Click Advanced.
# Click Environment Variables.
# Double-click the TEMP user variable, and change its value to %SystemRoot%\temp.

NOTE: The user variables are the top box.

# Double-click the TMP user variable, and change its value to %SystemRoot%\temp.
# Click OK for all windows.
# Restart your computer.

then click start
select run
type CMD and hit enter

type JSCRIPT.DLL and hit enter
TYPE VBSCRIPT.DLL and hit enter

let me know if this helped

RE: Explorer Error


I fixed it by uninstalling IE 8 Beta 2 and then reinstalling it. No more error.