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Can I Share My Vault

I run a wireless home network that allows file sharing between my Desktop and Laptop. Can I set my Vaults up so that they are shareable between the two computers?

On my Desktop, I right-clicked on the Vault, clicked on Sharing and Security ..., clicked on the Sharing tab, the selected "Share this folder on the network." However, when I went to my Laptop, it did not allow me access to this folder (although it allowed me access to other shareable folders).

On my Laptop, "Sharing and Security ..." does not even appear as an option when I right-click on the Vault established on that computer.

Please let me know if sharing of Vaults on a secure home wireless network is possible.

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RE: Can I Share My Vault


No there is nothing to do with your Wireless network connection. However, it depends upon the operating system that you use.

Sharing and Security appears by default in Windows XP Professional but not in Windows XP Home. So please let us know the operating system details of both (Laptop & Desktop) computers