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vATD image converting process not finish - new Version + detectionupdate


I have a big problem. we have installed a vATD with my customer.
The runs well as well and pulls all uptdates. the last system update and
contenupdate were also recorded. I then created a new win7 vm under
VM Workstation. Everything was considered what to do. The validation tool
works without errors. The VMDK file was then loaded onto the ATD via winSCP.
I then select the appropriate file in the ATD Guid and press convert.
Then the progress bar appears and that's it. This runs hour by hour without
success. I get neither an error nor is an entry in the log. Did anyone ever
have the problem. Thank you! greeting Thomas
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Re: vATD image converting process not finish - new Version + detectionupdate

Hi thlogical - i was facing a similar issue with the same version. I followed the following article and the isse was resolved: 'VMDK to IMG conversion stops responding, and displays "Converting image...." indefinitely in the Advanced Threat Defense Manager'
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