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McAfee Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) Detection Package is now available

August 22, 2016

McAfee Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) Detection Package is now available

ATD Changes

This detection package contains: behavioral rule changes, family classification improvements and digital signature database update for enhanced false mitigation. Digital signature count has increased from 5000+ to 6082.

Behavioral Rules (Yara):

This detection package includes an additional 18 detection rules.

Family Classification Updates:

  1. Trojan.Win32.APT-
  2. Trojan.Win32.Kimsuki.B
  3. HawkEyeKeyLogger.A
  4. Trojan.Win32.Kimsuki.A
  5. Trojan.Win32.APT-Webky.A
  6. Trojan.Win32.Kimsuki.C
  7. Trojan.Win32.APT-Webky.B
  8. Trojan.Win32.Kimsuki.D
  9. Trojan.Win32.APT-Webky.D
  10. Trojan.Win32.Kimsuki.E
  11. Trojan.Win32.BeijingGroup.A
  12. Trojan.Win32.Locky.B
  13. Trojan.Win32.BeijingGroup.B
  14. Trojan.Win32.Ogimant
  15. Trojan.Win32.BeijingGroup.C
  16. Trojan.Win32.Ransom-777.A
  17. Trojan.Win32.BeijingGroup.D
  18. Trojan.Win32.Ransom-Saraswati.A
  19. Trojan.Win32.Bulta!rfn.A
  20. Trojan.Win32.Ransomware-7ev3n.C
  21. Trojan.Win32.Bulta!rfn.B
  22. Trojan.Win32.Reveton.E
  23. Trojan.Win32.Cerber.A
  24. Trojan.Win32.Reveton.F
  25. Trojan.Win32.Cerber.B
  26. Trojan.Win32.Reveton.G
  27. Trojan.Win32.DarkSeoul.A
  28. Trojan.Win32.Reveton.H
  29. Trojan.Win32.DarkSeoul.B
  30. Trojan.Win32.ScarletMimic.A
  31. Trojan.Win32.Exxroute.A
  32. Trojan.Win32.ScarletMimic.B
  33. Trojan.Win32.Exxroute.B
  34. Trojan.Win32.ScarletMimic.C
  35. Trojan.Win32.Exxroute.C
  36. Trojan.Win32.Sofacy.A
  37. Trojan.Win32.FiveEyes.A
  38. Trojan.Win32.Tescryptor.A
  39. Trojan.Win32.FiveEyes.B
  40. Trojan.Win32.ZCryptor.A
  41. PlugX.A
  42. Backdoor.Win32.Plugx.B


The new ATD detection package will be automatically downloaded to your appliance and available for install through the Web UI in Manage > Image & Software > Content Update > Detection Pkg.

Install/Upgrade Procedure

To install the new Detection Package, please follow instructions in the Product Guide.

If you choose not to apply this package to take advantage of updated detections, the next software version will contain cumulative update of all previous detection packages.

Product Documentation

ATD 3.6.2 Product Guide (

ATD 3.6.2 Release Notes (

ATD 3.6.0 API Reference Guide ( 

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