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Login failed for ATD Web UI

Went to login to ATD today via web browser, and  can no longer access!

When I went to login as admin - Login failed: Please check your credentials and retry. If you still have a problem, contact your McAfee Advanced Threat Defense Administrator.

I logged in via ssh to the cli and tried a restart of the web services - no change

Reset the webui password so it should now be admin/admin - no change

Even tried a reboot of the ATD appliance - no change!

Doing my head in - it was working perfectly fine the day before and there have been no changes. No browser changes, no firewall changes, no ATD updates.

The device otherwise is working fine - all healthy, reporting into ePO okay, can CLI into it obviously no problems.

ANY IDEAS??!!??!!

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McAfee Employee rbrady
McAfee Employee
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Re: Login failed for ATD Web UI

I would recommend cleaning your browser cache and then trying again or trying a different browser (Chrome seems to work best if you aren't already using it) as a test.  If it still fails, contact support and they can do a remote session and look around on the backend at some other items to see what might be happening.

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Re: Login failed for ATD Web UI

I'm currently experiencing this issue. Were you able to resolved the problem?

I have not changed the password and it suddenly stopped working....

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Re: Login failed for ATD Web UI

Disable LDAP resolved my issue. It seems like if you enabled LDAP it will disable the 'admin' login.

Go into CLI and run this command 'set ldap disable'

Re: Login failed for ATD Web UI

The behavior is correct, if you enable ldap admins (wgui) and atdadmin (sftp) users are disabled and you are forced to use login via ldap, only cliadmin works on port 2222 ssh or directly from the cli prompt.

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