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I am having an issue with sample data not being fully reported to TIE. At this point, McAfee support isn't sure if the issue is with TIE or ATD. I am wondering if anyone has seen an issue like this. This issue only seems to impact manual submissions.

The issue I am seeing is when manually submitting a file (exe, doc, docx, PDF, etc.), the TIE reputation will randomly be missing the file name, and never populates the File Type. File Type always shows as Unrecognized. Sometimes the file name will populate, but sometimes it won't. I haven't been able to identify a common thread for when the file name doesn't populate.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Level 7

Re: ATD to TIE

I don't have this issue, maybe because i have the latest versions of TIE DXL and ATD. I recommend you to do so, maybe that way it will solve your problem.

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