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ATD images

Can anyone confirm the best way to create VMDKs (in this case windows 7) for uploading to the ATD appliance.  I have found issues obtaining the versions of supported software for adobe reader / flash etc. 

Page 29 of the admin guide lists the supported applications, but I cannot find reliable sources for the software: 

any suggestions?

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Re: ATD images


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Re: ATD images


as ​ explained, take a look at the manuals first. Creating the VMDKs is some work and it makes no sense doing a "copy paste" from the manual.

The latest versions of ATD are providing an image preperation tool, which really reduces the effort to create the VM.

There is only a problem with Windows 10 images in the moment, because there is a bug in the preperation tool. I opened a case for this. Support told me that there will be an updated tool for Windows 10 analyzer images.

Hope this helps,


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