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ATD Questions

1. Is it possible to configure ATD to publish by its OpenDXL topic analysis report in STIX format, so direct connectivity to REST API to get it won't be required

2. Is it possible to gather TaskId-s from ATD by REST API or in any other way to fully synchronize with results of all previous ATD jobs? (requested by date for example)

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McAfee Employee rbrady
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Re: ATD Questions

For question 1, the answer is no, not currently.  We can publish STIX reports to a TAXII server that you have set up, but over DXL, only json files get published.


For question 2, I'm not sure exactly what you are looking for.  Are you wanting a way to have ATD tell you a list of all old jobIDs/taskIDs without knowing something prior?

Re: ATD Questions

Thank you for your answer

What we are trying to achieve is to push all ATD detections into MISP. Capturing json on the /mcafee/event/atd/file/report topic and reading out the job id, querying for the STIX report afterwards, is one of the posibilities, what about network issues, events that would be published by the ATD during this time won't reach MISP. Therefor i am looking for a way to get a way to query complete list of job IDs to syncronize with MISP.

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