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Level 7

ATD OOB configuration

Hi guys,

I have configured ATD out of band management and for some reasons I am not able to access it.

ATD mgmt port is up and accessible, so I was wondering if we have any command to access OOB configurations from CLI session on mgmt port.

Thanks in advance !!!


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Level 17

Re: ATD OOB configuration

Moved to Business --> Network Security --> Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) for attention

And I would change your username if I were you, email addresses get harvested quickly by spammers.

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Level 11

Re: ATD OOB configuration

Mayur B,

When setting up RMM did you follow the Product Guide?  ( ) - Page 46

What ATD Version?:

What ATD Model?:

Are you receiving any errors when you attempt to connect via RMM?


Matthew Jesmer

Former Platinum ATD Support

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