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[ATD] Creating analyzer VM using ESXi or VMware Player

I know it so obvious, even is stated in the guide that both VMware solution is not supported on ATD. But I am asking you guys the expert if one of you have tried it and make it worked?

I am asking because in my company, we are not using VMware Workstation only ESXi and buying license for VMware Workstation just for creating a VM that will not be used is not justifiable.

So any suggestion is appreciated...

Thx in advance

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Re: [ATD] Creating analyzer VM using ESXi or VMware Player

Can you use the free version of vmware workstation?  Save you purchasing a license.

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Re: [ATD] Creating analyzer VM using ESXi or VMware Player


sorry, using VmWare workstation is the only way to create Analyzer VMs. I do not know any other options.

Because, the VMDK file must be proper prepared. Otherwise ATD is not able to convert the vmdk file to an img file on ATD.

Hope this helps,


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