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ATD-3000: Sandbox stays at STATUS BAD after file submitted in XVIEW and Shutdown VM

We just had a case where an MCAFEE ATD-3000 Sandbox was staying at the Status BAD.

A person hat submitted a file to analyze with XVIEW (Look into the Sandbox) and did shutdown the W7 VM after that analyze.

NO > Rebuild of the VM’s did not solve

NO > Reboot of the Sandbox did not solve


Logon to Sandbox with SSH and PORT 2222 not 22 (Logon with cliadmin)

CLI: reboot active

Logon to Sandbox with SSH and PORT 2222 not 22 (Logon with cliadmin)

CLI: removeSampleInWaiting

After this the FILE in the queue which may generated the error did disappear and the status
went back to “GOOD”

Found in
doku file: ATD_3.6.2_Product_Guide_revA.pdf

Anybody intersted in taking this up as Service Request fo a product that costs USD 80'000.- please contact us. We will NOT opena  TKT for you.



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