If you are familiar with the process of upgrading the McAfee Scan Engine with VirusScan Enterprise, please be aware that with Endpoint Security 10 the process has changed.


The 5900 Engine will be deployed worldwide to ENS endpoints from May 4 – May 24, 2017, in a staggered rollout. This engine update is mandatory. ENS endpoints that are currently running the 5800 Engine will be updated to the 5900 Engine starting May 4, 2017. Customers who are interested in evaluating the new engine are asked to start the evaluation process beginning the first week in March.


If you are interested in testing prior to the scheduled release date, review KB88809 for full details.

Important note:  If you choose to test within ePO, it is recommended that you use a test ePO server that does not manage production nodes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I need to make any changes to update the engine?
A:  For ENS customers, the engine update occurs automatically with no option to opt out. No additional action is required to update the engine. The instructions provided in KB88809 apply to customers interested in evaluating the engine before the mandatory release starting May 4, 2017.


Q:  Will the upcoming ENS 10.2.1 and 10.5.1 patches include the 5900 Engine update?
A:  Yes, customers currently using ENS 10.2.0 or 10.5.0 who update to ENS 10.2.1 and 10.5.1 will receive an update to the 5900 Engine. No additional action is required to update the engine.


Q:  Why does Endpoint Security update the engine version automatically? I am not able to electively download the engine.
A:  The concept of engine updates has changed with AMCore technology; they are no longer separate packages from content. When AMCore content requires an update to any one of its engines used during scanning, the engine update is included in the V3 content update releases. Downgrading AMCore content would also downgrade an engine if not part of that older content.



KB88809 - Important information about the 5900 Anti-Malware Scan Engine update for Endpoint Security

KB66741 - Important information about the 5.x.00 Anti-Malware Scan Engine

KB86704 - FAQs for Endpoint Security 10  see the AMCore Content section

KB82396 - FAQs for V3 DAT files