What's the Issue?

I hear numerous students attempt to coach others by saying "If you want to install the McAfee Agent you always use framepkg.exe /install=agent /forceinstall".



This switch has been around since the days of the 3.x ePO agents. for sometime. The manuals never clarified its use so I can't blame anyone for thinking this is the way to do it.


Gimme the Facts

When you use the /forceinstall switch it will;


  1. Restore Agent related files after performing some housekeeping which includes the removal of the supporting files.
  2. Any user related configurations are gone. This means tasks and\or repositories.
  3. The agent gets removes by 'hook or by crook' but the new install could go south on you. The results are simple, you could have no agent install when all you wanted to do was get it installed.


When do I ever use the switch then?

If your using ePO for management, use the console to make the uninstall happen. Manually, only use the switch if you are installing over an older version of the agent.


Other Concerns?

If you are using encryption, and I mean EEPC 6.x.x through DE 7.1 you might not be able to login through PBA.


Other References?

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