Who is this Guy?

OK. I post a lot to MWG discussions. But, who am I?


Short version:

Clearly, I work for the company.

I've had the same job for 15+ years, but the company has changed out from under me 3 times (CyberGuard->SecureComputing->McAfee->Intel). They haven't fired me yet, so they either don't know I'm here or they like me.

I was mostly an SE for the duration with varying roles and expertise on specific products throughout the years.

I like the MWG.

I like to help people.

I like to help people on the MWG. That's why I post a lot and am a Solution Architect for MWG now.

I spend a lot of time thinking about cool and creative things to do with MWG.

I like to program stuff.

I like to program stuff for MWG. MWG rules are like a programming language to me.

If I have to do something many times, I like to program useful tools so I don't have to do it mulitple times anymore.

I've written these tools:

Language Pack Designer for Webwasher 6

Enhanced Webwasher 6 AppSetup (Internal)

Enhanced Webwasher 6 List Manager (Internal)

MWG6 to MWG7 listConverter

MWG7 Appliance Setup

MWG7 Policy Viewer

ePO Web API Explorer

ICAP clients

ePO Advanced Suite Installer (eASI)


I'm opinionated. I'm sorry, but if you are a company of any size and you allow your desktops to route to and touch the internet directly on all ports, you have already lost the fight.



Other random things:

I was born in a small town in...oh, too much?

I got a HeathKit electronics course for my 14th birthday. Thanks, Dad!

I was etching my own circuit boards from drawings in Popular Electronics magazine at 15.

I won the science fair in high school with a circuit based on a 556 dual timer connected to a couple of CdS light sensors to vary the oscillation, speaker and a transistor amp.


And then it happened. I saw a pile of green bar paper printout from a DECwriter II with a BASIC program listing on it. I started reading through it...and understood it. This was way easier than soldering. Just type it in and hit run.

I was hooked instantly and became obsessed with computers.


Bought my first computer in '79. TRS-80 Model I. Didn't have it long, traded for Commodore PET 2001.

Learned BASIC.

Learned 6502 assembler.

Modded the PET with composite video output jack, speaker connected to a card-edge output pin of the shift register, added RAM.

Built an EPROM burner to modify the ROMs and add some machine language to them.

Spent countless hours typing in programs from Byte magazine.


Got an Apple ][

Started work at a local computer store that sold throughout the years;

Apple ][, Franklin ACE, Televideo (with TurboDos, not that crappy MMMost), Victor 9000, Epson QX-10, AT&T 6300, AT&T 3B2, AT&T 7300 (too many other brands to even remember)

I was the support department, help desk, installer, SE, and anything that actually involved making these things work.


Learned Unix on the 3B2. SysV the real Unix, not that poor berkley excuse for unix.

Learned SCO Xenix & SCO Unix.

Answered an ad in the paper to be a unix help desk engineer for AT&T

Got fired for being too helpful to the customers. "Your job is to dispatch techs on site to replace hardware, not to actually help the customer solve their problem" (true story)

Got hired working in corporate AT&T on their LANs. Stayed there for along time, long after the whole NCR aquisition and re-divestiture. The people that fired me got fired themselves and I was there for years after they left...justice.


Tech Director for a .COM wannabe.

Then came the fateful day when a headhunter for CyberGuard called me. This whole firewall thing sounded interesting, so I gave it a shot. How do you spell that TPC/IC?

15 years later, I'm still here.


So, after all that, let's just sum it up by saying I'm a Computer geek Gamer (mostly RPG, but I love me my Angry Birds)


That avatar picture you see on my posts of that wizard is really my tattoo on my arm. His name is £ordÇhariot.


So, if anyone in the MWG dicsussion groups reads my posts and asks, "Who is this guy?"

Well this is who I am.




and in case you haven't figured it out yet my initials are e e, hence the e²