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    Updated McAfee after message-now can't connect to gmail or Picasa

      I recently resubscribed to McAfee, after being bothered with those "support for your product ended" messages, thanks guys, now my computer is messed up!) I am running VirusScan 13.11, PC 11.11, Pers.F 10.11, antispam 10.11. After I did this, I cannot connect to gmail or to Picasa (my linked gmail photo program). I am using an old Dell laptop (Inspiron 2200) with a dlink router and a cable modem. I am using XP (yes it was recently updated) and IE 7.0 I think; I cannot update IE as I have programs on here that won't run with it (meh).

      I have tried everything I can think of. I called McAfee & they told me to uninstall McAfee & install it again. I did this. No connection to gmail.

      I got rid of all my cookies. Nope. I tried to find a Privacy Service Manage Users menu on the McAfee SC, but can't find it anywhere. I want to tell it to accept Cookies from www.gmail.com. I have turned off the Parental Controls every way I can (I think; help me here) and have tried to disable the phishing software. Still can't get to gmail or picasa. Gmail loads very sllloooooooow and then is incomplete & gives me a message that it's my internet connection.

      OK, here's how I know it's McAfee: 1. My husband uses AVG and has no problems on his computer runnning the same IE. 2. In the brief moment I had NO McAfee on this computer, before I reinstalled it (using a service request # if you want it) I went straight to gmail & it worked!!! I am really frustrated, help me please!!!
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          I'm assuming you mean you can't access Gmail's website not that you can't send or receive through whatever email client is in use in your computer?

          Try going to IE7 Tools/Internet Options and on the Advanced tab press "Reset" then Apply and OK, OK any popups or prompts you get.

          Close and reopen IE7 and try to go to your gmail account.

          This action has disabled all add-ons to IE7 so go to Tools/Manage Add-ons (I think as I'm using Firefox and IE8) and enable the add-ons one by one to see which one causes the problem.

          Privacy Service is now "Parental Controls" and, if you don't have to worry about who is using the machine, unnecessary and should be uninstalled.
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            Ok, thanks, I'll try that. You may think I'm an idiot, but can you answer a couple more questions?

            1. What IS an add-on? Which ones should I keep?

            2. How do I remove just "parental controls"? I agree, I didn't & don't want it. When I removed McAfee on the orders of the useless advisor I got by calling the McAfee number, the whole thing got removed! I'm not sure I can remove just one component; can you tell me how? On my programs it just says "McAfee Security Center" and if I remove it, the whole thing goes, I did that a week ago.

            3. I have tried tusseling with IE and will try again, but so far the only way I can access my gmail account is when McAfee, this latest version, is uninstalled. Let me explain...Google is my home page, it comes up OK. I have a cable modem so I have the standard crappy cable email and I'm using it now. I cannot access gmail, can't read my mail or send any. It loads slowly and incompletely, freezes my IE too. I can load Picasa from the desktop but I cannot see any of my pictures.

            Please write back.
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              Well, I'll try to answer your questions the best I can...

              Perhaps that's a subject for another forum where people talk about gmail and Picasa. If IE is totally up to date and has the appropriate add-ons & is set to it's defaults and you are clean of infection, there is nothing stopping it from displaying anything.

              Try downloading Firefox 3.5.1 and using it to see if things improve.
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                As an afterthought, see if the removal of Parental Controls helps otherwise try that different browser I suggested. Meanwhile I'll ask if anyone has ideas about this.
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                  Thanks, again. I have never had a problem like this. It's either all sites or none at all. Again, I profoundly suspect it's something in the latest version of McAfee because of the sequence of events; i.e. I updated the thing due to pop-up nagging and suddenly I can't get to gmail. I got that "problem connecting to internet" message too.

                  I think my problem with Picasa is that Picasa stores its images offline and is linked with my gmail, that's how I send and receive pictures not from my own camera.

                  I'll try everything & get back to you later.

                  Hell, I might just remove the whole McAfee again & see if gmail & Picasa work. Gmail did last time. What would you do if this is so? Can I go to the McAfee Website and download again without paying $49.99? That's the real p*sser; I have to update, got charged $49.99 and my computer worked fine before this!

                  *completely aggravated, trying to adjust chi, everyone knows computers can sense tension and stress like copy machines*

                  Adding Firefox without knowing what the problem is seems wrong to me. Knowledge is good.

                  *Tsunade recovers her inner balance, bows to Master Ex_Brit*
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                    He he...like that bit about trying to adjust your chi. I lost mine centuries ago, or so it feels.

                    I got this gem from one of my colleagues, it may or may not help...


                    If they're infected with malware, could be a HOSTS file problem or a DNS-redirection problem. Ask them to "ping mail.google.com" in a CMD window and then look up the IP address at the "ARIN: WHOIS Database Search" site at http://ws.arin.net/whois/ to confirm that this is a Google-owned IP address. If it is NOT, then something in their network stack is feeding them bad info. If it IS a Google IP address, then I would disable McAfee to confirm that the problem is being caused by McAfee.

                    I would first find out if they're behind a NAT router. (Ask them to post the first two octets of their IP address, if they're 192.168, 10.x, or 172.16. to 172.31., then they're behind a NAT router.) If they are, then they're not exposed to direct attacks from outside their LAN if they disable their firewall, and this next step is pretty safe.

                    As$*u*ming they're behind a NAT router, I would disable all McAfee services from the service control panel and have them go to GMail or Picasa. If it works, re-enable McAfee services and try again.

                    If they're not behind a NAT router, I would consider their machine to be too exposed to direct attack to disable security services.

                    Apparently a.s.s. is a blacklisted word hence the symbols in there.
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                      Also just try disabling SiteAdvisor in your browser Tools/Add-ons.
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                        Ex_Brit, I thought I'd reply just so you can know, well, things. I took the Occam's Razor approach and wiped the whole thing off Saturday and of course gmail worked perfectly. I have no idea which component of McAfee was blocking gmail and am reluctant to put it back on as yet, but McAfee should know that blocking gmail will not improve its sales, trust me on this one.

                        No, I don't have anything rude on my gmail, even all the pictures are pretty tame. (I'm a chick and never look at porn, in fact I'm grossed out by it). I do have a huge number of gmails as I never delete anything, maybe that's why it loaded slow (if at all), it had lots to scan, but I have conclusively demonstrated that McAfee was the cause.

                        Thanks for all your help!

                        Peace out, Tsunade

                        *returns to gmail*
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                          Thanks for the update. I'm still mystified by this as I know of many people using McAfee quite happily with gmail and Picasa.