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    HELP! My VirusScan has an error?!?!

      Hello, this is my very 1st post so bare with me if I do something wrong. =]

      I am running on Windows Vista
      I have purchased McAfee TP3 (3 users) back in like August
      JUST recently windows popped up an error msg saying that I do not have an antivirus or something and I checked McAfee and it said that I need to "upgrade" or something

      I uninstalled everything and reinstalled everything online (purchased online) and an error popped up saying this file does not exist or cannot be copied "C:\PROGRA~2\McAfee\Temp\qxzAD06" everything got installed except the VirusScan

      any ideas? =[

      sorry if I have a lot of typos, its late and I really want this to get resolved
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          Your Vista is SP1 I hope? If not there is help with that here: http://community.mcafee.com/showthread.php?t=220206

          When you reinstalled did you do a complete cleanup beforehand?

          Do the following after enabling (temporarily) Windows Firewall for protection during the procedure.

          1. Uninstall all McAfee programs through "Add or Remove Programs" in Windows "Control Panel".

          2. Use the MCPR tool, see this article: How to remove supported McAfee consumer products using the McAfee Consumer Products Removal tool (MCPR.exe). This will remove all McAfee remnants from your computer. (you must have Windows Vista, XP or 2000 SP4 to use this tool)

          3. Launch Windows Explorer and delete all McAfee files in "Program Files" but especially in "C:\Document and Settings\<user>\Application Data" and "C:\Document and Settings\All Users\Application Data". You have to set Windows Explorer to show all hidden files and folders (Tools > Folder Options > View tab). Just delete the McAfee folders even if they are empty in all the "Application Data" folders. Can be more than one!
          In Vista: C:\Program Files, C:\ProgramData and C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming
          If you can't find these files don't worry. It just means that MCPR has done its job.

          4. Reboot and redownload/reinstall your McAfee products directly from your account at the McAfee web site.

          If you are McAfee direct customer, go to https://home.mcafee.com/Secure/Protected/Login.aspx and log in to download your McAfee products.

          If you received your McAfee products from your service provider, please use the list below to download your software.

          Comcast users should go to http://security.comcast.net/ and log in to download your software.

          DELL users should go to https://us.mcafee.com/root/login.asp?affid=105 and log in to download your software.

          Gateway users should go to https://us.mcafee.com/root/login.asp?affid=370 and log in to download your software.

          eMachines users should go to https://us.mcafee.com/root/login.asp?affid=365 and log in to download your software.

          MSN users should go to http://membercenter.msn.com/ and log in to download your software.

          AOL users should go to http://daol.aol.com/safetycenter and log in to download your software.
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            thank you for your response

            but i am not sure if my vista is SP1 lol sorry such a noob, how can i tell? and when i installed and ran the cleanup program, in the end it says that the it was incomplete and then it asks me to reboot, normal?

            sorry, but i really do appreciate your help =]

            i believe ive done all that b4 and still nothing happened, i guess i missed the hidden files part but i have no idea what your talking about lol i tried looking for it but didnt see aynthing but i tired to make it show hidden files but iono what to do, iono where tools is and all that
            how ever, i did see the "Program FIles (x86)" have mcafee folder in but it wont let me delete it, it says that i need premission?
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              You can tell if Vista is SP1 by going to Start/Run and typing in winver then clicking OK or press yoiur Enter key.

              A pop-up like the attached thumbnail shouild appear. (Click below to enlarge it).

              Or, you can right-click Computer (on your desktop or in Start/All Programs)

              From what you say the cleanup tool isn't doing its job so perhaps you should run it a second time.

              Even try it in Safe Mode (reached by tapping F8 while booting up).
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                yes it is SP1

                I ran the cleanup numerous times b4, still incomplete, then I ran it in safe mode, same result, and again, ran it in normal mode and same result

                when I ran it in safe mode, the same bubble popped up saying the file "1033" is corrupted or unreadable

                on another note, I also have "McAfee Discover & Recover 2009" CD and it still doesnt work
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                  Use the Technical Support Chat linked in my signature. They can at least go into your machine and check what is wrong and even escalate the issue to a higher level much quicker than we can..
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                    oh actually i think the CD worked but not sure

                    when I first installed the CD i clicked on the option where it'll install everything that is up to date or install the version from the CD, i did the update option and everything was the same, the error, and now I installed the version on the CD and it worked, the virus scan but the bubble stating the 1033 file is still corrupted and unreadable

                    do you think its the new update McAfee has or is it just my computer? I tired to do the chat but took forever but if the same issue occurs again, I shall try again with the chat

                    thank you for your time and help =]
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                      Well I've never seen that error so it's most likely your machine but I would try Chat.