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        Check for infections using the free versions of both these tools and let them clean whatever they find:

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          Ran scan for any malware, nothing showed up. I had this problem the last time I had to uninstall and reinstall. The problem is with the download manager. I cleared my temp files and have gone thru this process 5 times now.

          McAfee is presumptuous to think people get to use their computers every single day to update. Miss one and your are screwed. I get this same problem EVERY time I don't get to use my computer for a few days. I've was in the hospital for a couple of days, that's all it took to put me in this mess again.
          I'm seriously shopping for a better virus program.
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            I don't understand why a few days should make any difference. It should just update normally once the machine is on again. I was recently away for nearly 5 weeks and my machine wasn't turned on the whole time. It updated without a problem in both of the XP and the Vista boots.

            The problem may lie with your ISP and the connection type/quality/reliability etc.

            This is only my own experience of course, but a few days should not cause any issues.

            Regarding Tech. Support I know sometimes it can be very frustrating but the next time it may prove to be very helpful. At least there the issue can be escalated on request.

            If you want to try another brand, then that is your prerogative of course.
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