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    Internet security suite with site advisor

      I am not sure if should post my problems here.
      Recently I upgraded my computer to win XP with a computer literate friend and later installed the above software, which is compatible with win XP, -in admin mode.( Bought at Amazons)
      Double clicking on the icon in admin mode the following message comes up.
      ' The version of security centre that is installed on your computer is designed for a different OS. If you have updated recently to XP please un-install all McAfee products, reinstall, restart the computer and then reinstall all the products to get the correct version for your OS', although from time to time a message appears that my computer is protected and there is nothing for me to do.

      In the non-admin mode when I tried to open it, it flatly refuses to open.However for some reason I was able to open it once but not any more

      I also wish to disable this software; as recommended, to load other softwares.
      But I did not find any facility to disable when once I was able to open the programme.
      I am grateful for any advice as how to resolve this problem. I must say I am not an expert in computers. Many Thanks:confused:
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