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    Motorola Q9h

      My smartphone came with VirusScan Mobile from McAfee pre-installed. I can not get updates for the definitions, neither I can get info from Motorola, AT&T or McAffee tech support concerning the license.

      My unit shows that the software is register to MotorolaEdition.
      Version Virus Definitions 1.1.3
      Last download 12/12/2008 (when I started to use this unit)

      It would seem that this is a limited trial version, but how limited? (one day)?

      The unit keeps asking if I wish to update, when I replay yes nothing happens. I can browse the internet without problems and I have Mobile Banking and Google Maps working correctly including the use of the GPS unit.

      Any suggestions besides talking to tech support, they do not appear to be familiar with this problem?
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