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    Failed to determine host IP

      Im having a big problem with a new installation of EPO 4.5
      a lot of the agents do not seem to be communicating with the server.
      I have had a look in the concole and noticed if I choose the option to ping the host i get a message in a green box saying "Failed to determine host IP address." I have logged on to the epo server and the host is pingable and resolveable.

      Does anyone have any ideas or know where to look for logs that may help me get it working???

      Thanks for your help!

      Dave J
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          is this a fresh install or an upgrade?
          are the agents from the fresh install of from an old install?
          do you have firewall rules that may block comms on ports?
          logs to look at are in base install directory or this and logs, on epo server
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            I think if you ping from the console then the ping goes from the computer where the console is open (your local client?) and not from the epo-server (or not?)
            We have the same problem with the option "show agent log", it works from the server directly but not from my client (where the console is opened).
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              This will happen if you have the "Accept connections only from the ePO server" option enabled in the agent policy.
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                Normally yes but here it is a firewall-thing. Port 8081 is here only opened from epo-server to managed clients, from my client to other clients port 8081 is blocked (damn firewall :rolleyes:)
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                  so forgetting the ping issue as you have rules what do the logs say I asked for earlier?
                  • 6. I have the same problem

                    I have the same problem at several computers. I have installed a fresh ePo 4.5 and sync with the AD. After that the ePo should install the agent on any new computer.

                    I had the same configuration at the ePo 4.0, there it works fine. At the ePo 4.5 it get sometimes the error message “Failed to determine host IP address." At different clients: Windows 2000 SP4, XP with Firewall and exceptions for the ePo-Ports, XP without Firewall, Clients with an Agent ( from the old ePo, fresh installed Clients that where never in touch with something from McAfee. I don’t know how that happened. I can ping the machines from the ePo-Server and any other PC in the network. I have renewed there DNS-registration, restarted them…. But nothing works… and sometimes a wonder happened and the agent communicates…but only sometimes :(

                    Has somebody an idea? I had at ~ 40 computers the -Problem (https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB66443&pmv=print) and now that…:mad:
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                      On the test server I built I saw similar issues with two specific workstations. No matter what I did I could not deploy the agent or ping either system. All workstations and the server are in a AD environment.

                      I did find a solution, however, and that was to deploy the agent using the local administrator account (not the AD administrator or admin user account). Once I changed that the agents deployed successfully and I was able to ping them from ePO. Odd solution as all other workstation agents were deployed using the AD administrator account.

                      I have not determined why yet, but I assume it is a local policy (Windows machine policy) on the workstations. This is something that I will be researching today.

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                        Was there ever a defined resolution by McAfee for this? I never tried the "pinging" part of ePO 4.5, but thought I would try it out just now and I too get the "Failed to determine host IP address" error message. If I can ping the device by its hostname or IP address, why can't ePO do the same thing using its built-in application?

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                          The ping function in ePO 4.5 will only try to ping the machine at the IP that is stored in the database - so if this is a new machine that has not communicated yet, then it won't have an IP in the database and you'll get the "failed to determine host IP address" message.


                          Regards -



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