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    Problem with vs 8.7 deployement & lotus notes

      Hi there,

      I'm now ready to migrate from old epo to new epo server v 4 patch 1.
      The prob is still with lotus notes. All the machines are installed with vs 8.5i and are working fine. As soon as I update a machine with vs 8.7, lotus notes crashes. I saw in another thread that it should be fixed within an update, but vs 8.7 patch 1 did not solve the problem.

      Also, I'm having a +3000 pcs, so I cannot think about removing the two lines in the notes .ini manually.

      Is there a way to tell viruscan 8.7 via eop or not to NOT touch the lotus.ini at all ?

      Thanks in advance for your ideas & advices !
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          I'm having very similar issues have you had any luck solving your problems.
          • 2. I've never tried but....
            is it possible to check a customized install into EPO??? I'm guessing the two lines you're removing from the Notes.ini are the hooks for the e-mail scanner. If that's not there it should't edit the ini file.
            • 3. Workaround
              Since we have the On-Delivery Email Scanner disabled in our environment, we do not need the McAfee files inside the Notes directory.

              A handful of our users experience their Notes crashing, and our solution is to delete unneeded McAfee files using the PUP policy. We created a custom policy under the Unwanted Programs Policies section.

              Went to the User-Defined tab for the Workstations and added:
              Filename Description
              NCInstall.dll Unneeded McAfee file
              NCDaemon.exe Unneeded McAfee file
              NCTrace.dll Unneeded McAfee file
              NCScan.dll Unneeded McAfee file
              NCExtMgr.dll Unneeded McAfee file
              NCMenu.dll Unneeded McAfee file

              We thought about deleting the 2 lines in the notes.ini file, but found that some executives and managers have additional information (other than McAfee) listed. To delete the lines would make their addins inoperable.

              VirusScan 8.7i, Hotfix 1/464768
              McAfee Agent 4.0, P2
              • 4. Problem with vs 8.7 deployement & lotus notes
                I too disable the email scanner as we scan incoming/outgoing email at the gateway. I have came across this problem before and made the decision to create a custom install using the mcafee designer tool to create a custom package and switched off the email scan. Since doing this, I haven't had any issues with Notes.