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    Troubleshooting Hardware issues on the McAfee SIEM hardware appliance.


      To troubleshoot hardware issues on the McAfee SIEM hardware appliance, you need to follow the following steps:


      1. Download LDT ( Linux Diagnostic Tool) from the following link: ftp://starbug.securecomputing.com/outgoing/LDT-2.0.6126.zip
      2. Download “Linux Diagnostic tool for McAfee Appliances 2.0.x” document from internet which contains detailed instructions on how to collect logs.
      3. Collect logs using LDT (Linux Diagnostic Tool).
      4. Run comprehensive analysis of the logs and check overall health of the appliance.
      5. After the review of the logs you will know which part/parts need(s) replacement.


      Note: The Linux Diagnostic Tool (LDT) provides a method for checking the status and integrity of any McAfee® Multi Access hardware appliance based on an Intel platform.

      Linux Diagnostic tool for McAfee Appliances 2.0.x document provides information about the LDT, including instructions for running diagnostic tools, and for installing the LDT tool on removable media.