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    Real-Time Scanner is blocking software development tools




      since I use McAfee Total Protection, I have an issue with the real-time scanner:


      Every time I compile with MinGW (GCC compiler for windows) or with Unity3D, I get access errors on temporary files. When I disable the Real-Time Scanner, the errors disappear.

      It seems, that the real-time scanner shortly access the newly creates temporary files and this blocks the processes from the compiler to work correctly.


      Unfortunately I did not find a way to disable the real-time scan for those temporary working directories. I can just exclude single files, but since those files are creates on mass temporary the exclude file feature does not help here.

      What I need is a exclude directory feature or something like that (also for directories that have not been created so far).


      At the moment the only solution for me is to completely disable real-time scan every time I want to develop any software. But it is somehow annoying for me to pay money for a super cool anti-virus tool when I have to disable all the time the real-time scanner to be able to work on my computer.


      Is there any chance to get a exclude directory feature in any upcoming versions?


      Best regards,



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