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    Subscription not stacking


      In the past, whenever my subscription has been coming to an end, I've always bought retail cards, and done a web install by entering the new activation key, and then linking it to my account by logging in. When they used to send out CDs, I did the same thing via their web install link with the new activation key. This way, 365 days was always added to my subscription and there was no need to reinstall the software I already had. I've always purchased McAfee Internet Security 3 User.


      Recently, I purchased Internet Security 2016 UNLIMITED Devices, as the 3 user version no longer seems to be available. I had 3 months remaining on the old 3 user licence and after activating with the new key I now have 2 separate subscriptions listed:-


      McAfee® Internet Security

      McAfee Internet Security 3 licences.


      with 3 months remaining on the old 3 user subscription and 12 months on the new one. Therefore they haven't simply added 12 months to the old subscription as they did before. This computer is still listed in the old licence section, and the subscription area in the McAfee program says 94 days remaining.


      How do I go about merging the two subscriptions? I think the problem arises due to the system regarding them as 2 different products, but since the 3 user licence is no longer available, the only purchase I could have made is the unlimited devices one. If I try and use the new subscription, I have to download the software I already have on my machine for no reason, and I lose 3 months.


      Anyone know a way around this issue?



      Additional: I've subsequently noticed I can add extra licences to my 3 user subscription for $0. I just added 5 more, and looks like I could do the same multiple times. This brings X User versions into line with unlimited devices. The only difference between the 2 subscriptions then is the ® after McAfee (see above) in the Unlimited Devices version and this appears to be the thing that has stopped them stacking, considering the software is exactly the same. What a damn nuisance.