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    False Artemis!9EE6387CC397


      This is a .dll file, gtninterface.dll, that is part of a third party GPS gauge for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The developer is Flight 1 and the full product name is Flight 1GTN750. My McAfee Total Protection blocks it from installation, and if I install with scanning off McAfee quarantines it and will not allow it to function. Please help me resolve this.


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          Please follow these Guidelines/Instructions;What To Do When McAfee Detects Software As An Infection - How to Submit To McAfee Labs & Appeal


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            That is the exact web page that sent me here!  On that page: "...Also post  in the Artemis forum with the Artemis number as the header and put an explanation in the body of the post."

            I seem to be in a repetitive loop! This has become very frustrating, Will anyone here work on my issue?

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              Hi fppilot,

                              When you correctly have submitted your Detection, you will almost immediately receive confirmation from McAfee Labs, with it will be an Anaylysis ID#.


              NOTE:  Due to the large volume of detections on a daily basis (150,000 or more) please allow 4-5 business days for the submission to be analysed & processed.

              Also there is a limit of 10Mb file size on submissions so if your file is bigger post in the Artemis or malware forum and provide a link to it and a mod will forward the file's link to McAfee.


              If you do get a reply, post the analysis Id number in the thread.



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                              In other words, if it has been 4-5 business days since your submission. And you indeed received confirmation from McAfee Labs, with a associated Analysis ID #. I can indeed assist you, by contacting someone from McAfee Labs on your behalf, and quite possibly expedite the Process.


                                As the instructions explain, your submission should be zipped/Password Protected in order to be submitted correctly.




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                  Here is the reply I received:


                  Analysis ID: 9491031



                  File Name            Findings                       Detection                    Type         Extra

                  --------------------|------------------------------|---------------------------- |------------|-----

                  gtninterface.dll    |inconclusive                  |                            |            |no  



                  inconclusive [gtninterface.dll]                                                                    



                     Automated analysis was not able to determine that this file is malware. This file is  

                  being sent for further processing and the DAT files will potentially be updated if    

                  detection of this sample is warranted.                                                

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                               As the file is determined 'Inconclusive' since tomorrow is a workday, I will contact an Engineer from McAfee Labs on your behalf. Thank you for properly submitting


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                      That would be great! Will that take care of the issue for all future users for the guilty file?

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                        It will clear the file so no-one will get a detection it is not just you it will be cleared for, so yes.

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                                           As PK stated , it would be 'Whitelisted/Cleared through the 'Global Threat Intelligence Base'. Please be informed that I did indeed contact McAfee Labs on your behalf


                                             We should hear something soon.....


                          All the Best,


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