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    EPO 5.1 and DLP Not Working


      I have an update to this issue.


      When the systems have been migrated and DLP is missing from Manager features, I can go into the DLP Policy in EPO, and click apply again (So it icrements the policy version number). Then when the computers next check in the poliy is enforced and DLP appears in 'Managed Features.

      Is this by design or a design fault, as there is no way to find out from a query which computers the policy is not enforced on??







      I current have EPO 4.6 and DLP version and all is working fine. (agent


      I have setup a new Windows Server 2012 Install with EPO 5.1 and DLP version along with agent


      I have added the new server to the old one in registered servers, and I can carry out the 'Transfer Systems' option.


      This part works; the computer is removed from v4.6, and on the workstation carrying out an 'update now' updates the McAfee Agent (and asks to reboot), and also applies teh latest Patch 4.


      From the 'M' icon I can see that it has updated the DLP version and Agent version, but under Manage Features, DLP Endpoint Console is now MISSING. This also means that NO policies are enforced leaving security open.


      Please can someone help?


      I created the new default policies on install, then imported the policy from my old 4.6 server.


      Please see attached screenshot for details.


      Just to add, if i do a transfer back from New Server to OLD server, DLP Enpoint Console re-appears in the Manage Features menu option and pulls in the old policy from the original server!




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