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    EG-5000 Password recovery help


      The company that I work for purchased a used EG-5000 and we have no clue what the login information for this unit is. Is there a way to reset the root/admin password on this unit, or do a factory restore on it?


      Any help would be most appriciated.


      Thank You,


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          Do you have a McAfee grant number?  With that you could go download the most recent version of the software and reinstall the system.  That would probably be the best bet anyway, so you do not have the possibility of handling the seller's data.

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            Sorry it took so long to reply, this was put on the back burner for a latter time, and I just got back to it.

            As far as I know we do not have a grant number. Saying that we purchased the unit used, the only thing that came with the unit is the Activation Cert that lists the model, service tag, part number, as well as the serial number.


            So it looks like unless I can get a copy of the software so that I can re-install the OS I kinda have an expensive paper weight.