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    MWG, don't be so eager blocking Google links! :-)




      Go to http://www.google.de and search for

           java.nio.file.FileSystemNotFoundException: Provider "vfs" not installed

      (including the quotation marks).


      About the sixth result should be something with "Friday, 2014-06-27 - JBoss Transcripts". The link goes back to Google to let them know you clicked on the result. When you try this in an MWG configuration where the "Chat" category is closed you will get blocked. This is probably due to the fact that the result eventually is

           http://transcripts.jboss.org/channel/irc.freenode.org/%23jbpm/2014/%23jbpm.2014- 06-27.log.html

      and this not a chatting host. But the URL includes irc.freenode.org which is a "chat" site. What MWG misses is the fact that irc.freenode.org is part of the URLs file path, not part of the URLs host when the URL is included in a backlink too Google.


      In other words: my users can search for the page and would be able to browse to the result, but they can't because MWG misinterprets the Google link leading there.


      Is there any safe way around that behavior? I would like MWG not to be too sensitive about Google backlinks which eventually lead to some other page which MWG may inspect early enough.


      Kind regards,