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    Cannot download certain files?


      Have had to rebuild my machine due to HD failure.

      Installed Windows retail pack.

      Installed 177 Microsoft "update files" including SP1

      Running Win 7/64 Pro and. IE-11

      Installed McAfee from my subscription.

      Installed Windows Live Mail. Machine started to slow down.

      Computer became erratic.

      Scanned with McAfee. Full scan took 5.5 hours (247,000 files) utilizing 100% of  CPU and 96% of RAM.

      Uninstalled Windows Live mail. Computer has stabilized "some".

      Problem now.....

      Tried to download a file CPUID.exe and the MacAfee Virtual Technician and got this message
      in a windows box;

      "Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded".

      I have checked my McAfee and don't see where my settings disallow ".exe" files?

      Windows defender is shown to be turned off. Though I do know a "piece" of it got installed and

      I was told that it COULD NOT be deleted.

      What should I be looking for In "McAfee Total Protection" that I should turn off so I

      can download files?


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